All Stages Marketing

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Skills used:

CSS, Design, HTML, PHP

What they had to say:

Alicia St Rose has an aptitude for both visual creativity and web functionality matched by few other website designers we've met (and we've met a lot). We're so thrilled with our clean, functional website and enjoyed the collaborative process that was involved with working with Alicia. We highly recommend her work if you're looking for intelligent design, lasting usability and friendly support.
~Amber Sims Hinterplattner

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The Back Story:

Andy and Amber Hinterplattner of All Stages Marketing wanted something that was an improvement on a site they affectionately called “Chocolate City”. This was due to the heavy brown color scheme coating the layout. We worked together to create a light, fresh and breezy feeling with a touch of retro. The site is fun, engaging and clever. Hmm…Just like Andy and Amber!

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