Lois West Bristow

Skills used:

CSS, Design, HTML, jQuery, PHP

What they had to say:

Take a creative genius with keen intelligence and a discerning eye, throw in an intuitive sense of what the client needs, and you have found Alicia St. Rose. Working with her was an enlightening, exciting, and refreshingly enjoyable experience.
~Lois West Bristow, PhD

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The Back Story:

Dr. Lois West Bristow is a gracious and profoundly enlightened being. She’s also very down to earth and astute. I wanted to convey these sentiments through her website design. Her site uses a simple blog as a platform for her wisdom and to promote her book and speaking availability. I was able to combine the 3D effect Lois hinted at and her love of Paisley. I wasn’t sure about her original color request: Purple. A visit to her house revealed not a shred of purple, but beautiful earthy reds and browns. I took a cue from her already established life color palette. The result is a site the Lois is extremely pleased with.

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