Chocolate Maya

Skills used:

CSS, Design, HTML, jQuery, Photoshop, PHP, Wordpress

What they had to say:

I back Alicia 500%! It was a joy working with her. She even gave me a crash course in color theory and some photography tips that helped me create professional looking photos for my website. Alicia is truly caring and attentive to your needs, highly recommended.
~Maya Schoop-Rutten

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The Back Story:

The Chocolate Maya website was long overdue for a remodel. It just wasn’t putting the best face forward for the company. The rich vibrancy of the shop and Maya’s deep knowledge of chocolate had not translated to the current web presence.

I paid numerous visits to the shop so that I could soak in the ambience and practically got sugar drunk off of the pervasive sweet aroma of chocolate. I took note of the decor of the shop and realized that the rich reds, oranges and browns needed to be mirrored on the site. There was also a loving care that Maya took with displaying her chocolates and of course a little bit of quirkiness. I wanted out of towners or first time visitors to the shop to recognize it right away if they’d only seen the website.

Maya also wanted a catalog on the site without ordering capabilities. I utilized the WooCommerce plugin, turning off any shopping cart configurations and hiding frontend cart design elements.

When it came to product photos, I gave Maya a quick tutorial on color theory and lighting. She took off from there, photographing all product herself and acing it, in my opinion!

The result it is a lush, rich mouthwatering site that is enough to jumpstart those chocolate cravings!

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