Ir-Responsive: My WordPress Site Launch

Gypsy Man playing the accordion

I'm officially launching my own WordPress site. Yes, finally, I can walk the WordPress walk, talk the WordPress talk with my own website. It's been too long a case of the cobbler has no shoes for this chica!

It's been three years since I began building this site. A very busy 3 years where I found time here and there between projects to tinker this custom WP theme. Three years on the web is nearly a generation of innovation. One of those innovations is Responsive Design. Back then, it was a buzz word and nothing more. Fortunately, Responsive design has leapt from the status of trend to legit (I wouldn't dream of starting a client project unless Mobile First Responsive).

Perhaps I should go back and recode this theme before I launch, but I want to blog and I want to blog badly. I've got so much to share with you!

So, I will launch this site, knowing that it will resemble a postage stamp on your trusty iPhone and you'll have to do some finger calisthenics to read it. I will get back to tinkering and getting that responsive theme up and running. Let's just hope it doesn't take another 3 years!

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